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The War against Ukraine – 5 Takeaways for China and Their Implications for the EU – Takeaways 1-5

On April 1st, 2022, leaders from the EU and China held their first summit in two years. The virtual meeting was overshadowed by Russia’s ongoing brutal war against Ukraine and, as expected, produced no substantial outcome. However, the consequences China will draw from the war for its national policies will substantially impact the future of EU-China relations.

Cora Jungbluth | globaleurope.eu

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Even though China has more or less continued its balancing act of “pro-Russian neutrality,” it also has its reasons for treading cautiously in a situation that has reinforced and welded together the transatlantic alliance to an unexpected degree. This situation, especially in regards to common western sanctions, is undoubtedly unnerving from a Chinese perspective, and China’s possible take-aways from it will shape future relations with the EU and other western nations.

China expert Cora Jungbluth describes in two articles how Beijing is dealing with this. She identifies five fields of action China is going to push or "China's possible take aways" from the Ukraine:

  1. Pushing technological (in)dependencies,
  2. Pushing alternative financial structures
  3. Pushing energy security
  4. Pushing military development and - as an overarching theme -
  5. Pushing the "new Chinese world order"

. At the same time, in her article for Global & European Dynamics - (globaleurope.eu), she shows what options the European Union has in this environment.


The War against Ukraine – 5 Takeaways for China and Their Implications for the EU – Takeaways 1-3

The war against Ukraine – 5 take-aways for China and their implications for the EU – Takeaways 4 and 5


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