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2018: Global crisis governance

The Governance Report teases out lessons from the global financial and economic crisis that started ten years ago to prevent and manage global crises in the future.

Hertie School of Governance | https://www.hertie-school.org/en/debate/detail/content/the-governance-report-2018-managing-major-global-crises/

A decade after the biggest global financial crisis since the Great Depression, The Governance Report 2018, produced and edited by the Hertie School of Governance and published by Oxford University Press, offers lessons and recommendations that may help countries prevent or better manage such crises in the future. Professors Helmut K. Anheier, former President of the Hertie School, and Mark Hallerberg will present the report today (17 Sept) at the Think 20 (T20) Summit in Buenos Aires.

The T20 is a network of research institutes and think tanks that since 2017 has supported the G20 process. Its members meet annually before the G20 Summit of heads of state and government to discuss their policy recommendations.

The Governance Report 2018 shows how the global financial and economic crisis of 2008–9 and its repercussions threatened not only financial markets, but also affected entire economies and political systems. It discusses major governance shortcomings across a wide spectrum of policy fields.

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