The project

What has happened to date

Reform experience in Germany as a basis for approaches to development cooperation "Made in Germany"

In terms of structural and regulatory policy, the Federal Republic of Germany has many years of successful reform experience, in particular with regard to the federal system, political participation and domestic accountability, the tax administration, public finances and a socially and ecologically orientated economic policy.

Many German development cooperation (DC) partner countries are currently working on fundamental reforms of their administrative and economic systems. Relevant structural and regulatory approaches in Germany can therefore contribute much to shaping reform initiatives in these countries. There is a great deal of interest there in analysing these "Made in Germany" approaches, comparing them with their own systems and ideas for reform, and examining which elements, approaches and experiences could be relevant.

Where we are now

Providing German experience for the design of reform initiatives and a discourse on equal terms

The Governance Fund makes this German experience available to the partner countries on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for the development of reform initiatives. German structural and regulatory approaches and reform experience in the areas of decentralisation, political participation, public finances and (green) economic policy are prepared by practitioners in Germany for practitioners in the partner countries, explained to them and critically reflected. The partners determine which topics, approaches and experiences they consider relevant to their own transformation processes. A discourse on equal terms is important here.

Our range of services ensures formats and instruments for the exchange of experiences, knowledge transfer and mutual learning tailored to each partner's wishes.

Our network of experts helps to identify the "right" knowledge holders from politics and administration, science and research, the private sector, the media and civil society.

Where we want to get to

Supporting partners in the pilot countries in their reform projects, sensitising experts and the public in Germany

Mutual learning and knowledge transfer play an essential role in the context of the Agenda 2030: the exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how is a prerequisite for improving implementation capacity, for sustainable development and, ultimately, for achieving the sustainable development objectives of the Agenda 2030.

The Governance Fund wants, on the one hand, to help its partners in the pilot countries to implement their reform projects more successfully, but on the other hand, also to sensitise experts and organisations in Germany to global thinking in local action and to make the German public more aware of development cooperation "Made in Germany".