We support our partners on the basis of their demand through a series of forums and instruments and systematically involve German knowledge and experience providers in development cooperation:



The Governance Fund organises meetings between peers with the aim of building partnerships between institutions in Germany and partner countries. Often, moderated delegation trips are the first step, followed by return visits by German peers and, finally, the decision to stay in touch on a long-term and regular basis. Partnerships intensify cooperation, e.g. in the form of joint projects, they increase mutual trust and understanding and thus increase joint problem-solving competence. What such partnerships look like and how they can be formalised in detail depends on the particular situation and institution.



On average, the Governance Fund conducts a major network conference once a year for its partners in Germany and abroad, where all involved and interested German and international network partners come together and report on progress in the implementation of individual reforms.

In addition, the Governance Fund joins international conferences and offers its members free participation in selected thematically related expert meetings / conferences. These support further education and familiarisation with international discourse in political and economic areas of development as well as networking with the development cooperation "community" and colleagues. This year, for example, we enabled selected network partners to participate in the "T 20 Global Solutions Conference" jointly organised by the Kiel Institute for International Economics and the German Development Institute in Berlin.

In Palestine we are helping our partners with the organisation of an international conference on urban planning by providing access to experts from our network and covering their travel expenses.


Our partners in the pilot countries meet at regular intervals in order to (further) plan the respective reform processes. These can be round tables, such as in Serbia, but also classical thematic workshops such as financial equalisation in Bolivia or VAT in Pakistan.

The Governance Fund supports the partners by moderating the process and integrating external know-how. We act as knowledge managers and recruit the appropriate experts, moderators, practitioners and knowledge holders.

Expert posting

At the request of the partner countries, the Governance Fund sends experts from its network for tailor-made consulting assignments. The establishment of the German network serves to build up an expert pool, which is to be used by German development cooperation as a whole. So far in 2017, 11 German experts have been deployed in Serbia, Peru, Bolivia and Pakistan.


Delegation trips

Travel educates. Delegation trips have always been a popular and very effective instrument of development cooperation. The Governance Fund organises study trips and talks with appropriate network partners in Germany. The condition is that the delegation trip is embedded in the respective reform process and the participants are part of the team implementing the relevant reform. In 2016 and 2017 we conducted a total of 7 tailor-made delegation trips for policy makers in the Governance Fund's pilot countries.