Focus: participatory land use planning

Support of the land consolidation process in Serbia: Improved knowledge of nat. experts about the reform approaches of modern land consolidation following the German model, as well as improved ability to implement reforms

Support areas requested by the partner:

  1. Moderated, solution-focused technical discussions in Serbia on the development of a gradual reform and road map on land consolidation
  2. Partnerships with selected German institutions with land consolidation authorities, institutions and universities
  3. Use of the networks of experts in Germany (dialogues, visits, short-term assignments, seminars, round tables) with visits by practitioners of land consolidation in Germany and visits of the political decision makers
  4. Study trips to Germany

Duration: January 2017 - December 2018, approximately two years

Support services:

  • Workshops
  • Study trips with a moderated exchange of experience and expertise with experts and practitioners in Germany
  • Round tables in Serbia on different aspects of land reform with the involvement of German experts
  • Use of expert networks
  • Short-term assignments of German experts and practitioners in Serbia


What has happened to date

Kick-off event in April 2017 in Serbia

The FSRP project in Serbia was launched with a major kick-off event on the modernisation of land consolidation in Serbia. The conference, under the auspices of the Director of Agricultural Lands of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, took place in April 2017 in Belgrade. The aim was to sensitise and motivate relevant persons and institutions in Serbia for the reform process. Approximately 80 invited guests from authorities in Belgrade and the regions, organisations and (agricultural) companies took part in the event. The inaugural event was attended by high-ranking guests on both the German and the Serbian side. It was opened by the Serbian State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Velimir Stanojevic, and by German Ambassador Axel Dittmann. German experts from relevant authorities and associations underlined the need for land consolidation, introduced examples and experiences from Germany and discussed these on the podium with their Serb counterparts.

The bottom line of the event was the need for land consolidation in Serbia. This must be well thought out and involve all necessary players. German experts should support the reform process. Whether these will be the same experts who also sat on the podium of the inaugural event will become apparent in the course of the reform process. Appropriate German experts matched to specific topics will be involved in discussions and round tables for the design of the reforms.

In the spring of 2017 there were presidential elections in Serbia. The resulting restructuring of parliament took until July 2017. Only then could the Serbian FSRP project be continued.

"We have analysed the legal and institutional framework of land consolidation in Serbia. Now, with the help of German approaches, we want to introduce a modern structure and contribute to improving the general living conditions in the countryside."

Ms Dragana Godjevać-Obradović, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Acting Director Directorate of Agricultural Land


Where we want to get to

Everything about the further planning

The following process aims to develop a reform proposal. To this end, various working groups on different topics will be established, which will work out the reform proposals at round tables. The process will be moderated and supported by the former head of a land consolidation authority in Rhineland-Palatinate. Other German experts will be involved as needed as input providers or consultants.


A first reform proposal is planned for spring 2018.