Pilot countries of the 1st Phase


Focus: fiscal decentralisation

  1. Mechanisms of municipal and state financial equalisation
  2. Dialogue and discussion mechanisms between the levels of government for negotiating financial relations
  3. Models or methods of calculating costs resulting from the allocation of competencies and expenditure between the levels of government.
  4. Increase tax revenues of local administrations



Focus: decentralisation

  1. Qualification offers for employees of local government and tax administration
  2. Advisory and research services for the local government level
  3. Dialogue between local associations in Pakistan and Germany



Focus: administrative colleges

  1. Curriculum development for training in mid-level service
  2. Training and continuing education for managers
  3. Teacher training in administrative colleges



Focus: urban planning processes, financial decentralisation, digitisation of administrative processes

  1. Effective, participatory regionalisation of urban planning processes
  2. Increasing self-generated local government revenue as well as transparent and efficient distribution of funds to local government units
  3. Digitisation and automation of administrative processes for improved participation and accountability



Focus: participatory land use planning

  1. Moderated technical discussions in Serbia on the development of a gradual reform and road map on land consolidation
  2. Partnerships with selected German institutions with land consolidation authorities, institutions and universities
  3. Use of the networks of experts in Germany with visits by practitioners of land consolidation and political decision makers in Germany
  4. Study trips to Germany