Focus: administrative colleges

Advising Peru's National School of Public Administration (ENAP) on the improvement of their training offer.

Support areas requested by the partner:

  1. Curriculum development for training in mid-level service
  2. Training and continuing education for managers
  3. Teacher training in administrative colleges

Duration: December 2016 - December 2018, approximately two years

Support services:

  • Study trips
  • Moderated exchange of experience and expertise with experts from administrative colleges in Germany
  • Use of expert networks
  • Short-term assignments of German experts and practitioners in Peru
  • Support for cooperation agreements between German administrative colleges and ENAP 

What has happened to date

Delegation trip and kick-off planning workshop in December 2016 in Hamburg

Peru's National School of Public Administration, "Escuela Nacional de Administración Pública" (ENAP), has the mission to train Peruvian administrative staff. For the improvement of the basic training of administrative staff ENAP, whose director studied in Speyer, looks to Germany. In a first step, the FSRP had a situational analysis prepared by a professor from a German administrative college and a Spanish-speaking organisational consultant together with a Peruvian expert to better understand their reality and current challenges and the context of their actions before organising the visit programme for the Peruvian partners in Germany.

Building on this, in early December 2016 a team of three executives from ENAP visited seven public sector education and training institutions in four federal states. Potential areas of cooperation were identified for six of the institutions visited. At the North Rhine-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration (FHöV NRW) and the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (DUVS) with the affiliated German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer, the first cooperation possibilities have already become more concrete.

In the subsequent kick-off planning workshop in Hamburg the ENAP representatives identified five subject areas in which they seek support: curriculum development for training in mid-level service, training and further education for managers, soft skills development strategies in the area of teacher training and procedures for the selection, management and evaluation of civil servants. On the other hand, the Peruvian participants also showed areas in which they could offer experience and expertise in return. These include in particular teaching methods for interdisciplinary courses or case studies and digital solutions such as a digital library.

The German universities also named the areas in which they could imagine cooperation. Across the universities, there was great interest in a student exchange through semesters abroad, research stays or internships abroad. Some German universities were also interested in an exchange of teachers or further education for ENAP teachers.

"The exchange with ENAP is inspiring for both sides. For us it is good to see that the German dual training system is so attractive in the intermeshing of theoretical and practical training phases."

Prof. Dr Ziekow from the University of Speyer

2nd delegation trip of the ENAP management team to Germany

Based on the findings and contacts gained in December 2016, the FSRP organised 2 one-week visits for 3 ENAP executives in June/July 2017: ENAP's director, the head of its academic continuing education programme and its Academic Affairs Officer spent 5 days at various institutions of the FHöV NRW and 5 days at the DUVS. Topics they discussed included: 

  • Teaching ethics for public service employees
  • The practical orientation of training (dual system)
  • Curriculum development of a master's course in Public Administration
  • Design of part-time master's courses
  • Use of e-learning methods
  • Application of forms of "activating teaching"
  • Teaching, testing and assessment of soft skills
  • Criteria for the selection of lecturers and evaluation of classes

According to the delegation members, getting to know new didactic concepts, discussing design and evaluation-related processes as well as the opportunity to receive direct recommendations for the future work of ENAP were extremely helpful. Learning about the intricacies of the German training system led to an intense examination of ENAP's own system. This opportunity for reflection and the identification of questions still to be resolved internally was considered by the delegation to be profitable and beneficial.

It was also interesting for both sides to recognise that the topic of "corruption" as part of the subject of "ethics" already occupies a prominent position in ENAP's teaching. ENAP is ahead of the German system in this respect.

Where we are now

Agreements with the North Rhine-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration (FHöV NRW)

The Vice-Rector of the FHöV NRW, Prof. Dr Iris Wiesner, travels to Peru in the summer of 2017. In the course of her stay in Lima the signing of a cooperation agreement with ENAP is planned. The concrete objectives of the cooperation agreement will be established in Lima between the two sides involved.

Prof. Dr Kathrin Nitschmann, lecturer in Public Law/Intervention Law at the FHöV NRW, will accompany Dr Wiesner on the trip. She will participate in an awareness and information event at ENAP where ENAP's new concepts will be presented to and discussed with representatives of relevant political institutions such as the responsible ministry SERVIR and the rectors of private universities.


Agreements with the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (DUVS) and the German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer

Prof. Dr Ziekow, director of the German Research Institute for Public Administration, and the ENAP leadership team have testified to their mutual interest in building a long-term, vibrant cooperation. Dr Ziekow defined as a best practice for the start of the cooperation the setting up of a small empirical research project. February 2018 was agreed as a tentative date for the visit of a delegation from Speyer in Peru.

Where we want to get to

Everything about the further planning

The long-term project between ENAP and DVUS to be examined is the establishment of a joint master’s course. In Speyer ENAP learned about the development and implementation process of a master’s course being implemented between Speyer and the University of Tbilisi. The implementation type and design of this master’s course have already been generally defined as a template.

As with the arrangement of the cooperation agreement between FHöV NRW and ENAP, the FSRP will continue to support all participants.