Focus: Anti-corruption and transparency in the judiciary

Advising the Mongolian judiciary on anti-corruption and transparency in the judiciary.

Widespread corruption hampers state performance and thus sustainable development in Mongolia. For some years now, the Mongolian Government has been expressing its efforts to curb or combat corruption. There is still a lack of expertise in the prosecution and investigation of cross-border crimes and the use of operational investigation methods

Areas of support requested by the partner:

  1. Strengthening the professional competence of the staff of the Mongolian anti-corruption authority in the area of investigation and prosecution of corruption offences
  2. Establishing international standards for the rule of law at the statutory level and implementing them in judicial practice
  3. Setting up transparent procedures for the recruitment of judges and for filling vacancies in the judiciary

Duration: January 2020 - September 2022


Support services:

  • Situation assessment to determine the specific interests of the partners
  • Study trips (political and professional level) to Germany
  • Moderated exchange of expertise and experience in Germany and Mongolia with and experts and practitioners from Germany

Short-term assignments of decision-makers and experts in Mongolia