Focus: Strengthening the rule of law

Advising the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice on the establishment of an independent bar association and a predictable and transparent administration.

The background for the interest of the Ethiopian partners are fundamental reforms in domestic, foreign and economic policy, which have been initiated since the new Ethiopian government took office in spring 2018. The domestic policy reforms aim, among other things, to increase the transparency of government and administrative action and to strengthen the independent administration of justice.

Areas of support requested by the partner:

  1. Strengthening of a fair administration (Administrative Procedure Act)
  2. Establishment of an independent advocacy in Ethiopia

Duration: January 2020 - September 2022


Support services:

  • Situation assessment to determine the specific interests of the partners
  • Study trips (political and professional level) to Germany
  • Moderated exchange of expertise and experience in Germany and Ethiopia with German decision-makers and experts, German institutions and network partners of the Governance Fund
  • Short-term assignments of decision-makers and experts in Ethiopia